Our Services

Employee engagement is critical for retaining top performers and driving top performance. CAPE Partners supports businesses of all sizes with a unique combination of communications and training solutions tailored for company leaders, mid-level managers, and frontline employees. From customized training and meeting facilitation… to executive communications and coaching… to brand consulting and employer of choice strategy… we are here to help you achieve your people goals as well as your revenue goals.

Soup to Nuts Communications

CAPE founder Kirsten Fatzinger has spearheaded communications for the launch of a new brand and a new mission, a bankruptcy and liquidation, and everything in between. Contact Kirsten for a simple, customized communications solution that works where you work.

Instructional Design & Delivery

Kirsten’s all-time favorite job was teaching high school English. Since then, she has taught at the community college, university, and corporate levels. Let her design and deliver memorable training that your employees will enjoy and retain — and that your business can afford.