Still Popular in the Liberal Democrat Playbook - Part 3. It has been many years since the United States entered the Vietnam War. Underestimating the Power of Nationalism : ... comprehend Vietnams history of resistance and ... the Iraqis would be so committed to the war. There was one glaring mistake the USA made in the Vietnam war: In Vietnam, ... Peace & Liberty at the Independent Institute. What major mistakes did the US make during the Vietnam War? We lost 922 aircraft over North Vietnam, all the time avoiding the targets that would most damage the enemy. Robert McNamara on Lessons Learned, Mistakes (1995) 1 Open your web browser 2 Keeping in mind that armchair generals and everyone else has 20/20 (hindsight); there really weren't that many mistakes made during the war; other. What were some of these mistakes McMaster graduated from West Point in 1984, and, during the Gulf War, commanded Eagle Troop, 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment's successful ground Why Was the Vietnam War Fought? ... What were some of the biggest mistakes the U.S made in the Vietnam war? Of the 833 U.S. F-105 fighter-bombers ever built, 398 were lost over North Vietnam. ... that the Vietnam War was the biggest mistake ... mistakes. LBJs mistake lay in underestimating the Vietcongs tenacity and endurance, and also the lack of a firm, clear and suitable Vietnam War strategy. Myths and Mistakes of the Vietnam War. The Biggest Mistakes of the Vietnam War - Part 3 of a Series - Still Popular in the Liberal Democrat Playbook I think that America's biggest mistake is that it could not find a way to win the war within four years. Max Cleland draws parallels from Vietnam to Iraq war. Image via Wikipedia There was a time not so long ago when the Vietnam War was widely viewed as the biggest misstep in American military history. Mistakes of Vietnam repeated with Iraq. Vietnam demonstrated that normal media coverage of mistakes in war could ... a counterinsurgency war. How far do the sources on this paper support this statement? President John F. Kennedy had sent military advisors and then troops into South Vietnam. Another lesson of Vietnam was a failure to think through the potential long-term costs and consequences associated with each decision to escalate American involvement in the war. Clearly there were major mistakes made in many of the decisions made with regard to the Vietnam War. Before World War II, Vietnam had been a French colony since the 1800s. 'Americans lost the Vietnam War because of the mistakes they made.' If Burns meant to make sardonic use of the Cold War-era graphic, the gesture was lost on Bass, author of a highly praised book on one of North Vietnams top spies in the By May of 1972, only 69,000 U.S. troops were left in South Vietnam, and U.S. casualties had been reduced by 95 percent. Failure to Mobilize the Support and Will of the People - Part 7. What are the biggest mistakes made by U.S. presidents during the Vietnam War? In their place was a well trained and tested South Vietnamese active force of nearly one million men. After Kennedys assassination, what to do about the Vietnam War became a pressing matter of business for the new president, Lyndon B. Johnson. The Biggest Mistakes of the Vietnam War - Part 3 of a Series - Still Popular in the Liberal Democrat Playbook Top 10 Worst Military Decisions In History^Top 10 Worst Military Decisions In History^The effective prosecution of any war ... the Vietnam War. This was the disastrous application of McNamaras gradualism strategy to USAF and Naval air power. The Vietnam War was one of the most controversial conflicts in American history.